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Why consider Turkey for cosmetic and restorative dentistry?

I would like to share some informative tips about dentistry in Turkey and dental tourism which have become quite a popular issue recently. Well, this is not my article but might be enlighting to you.

Turkey is a country with a captivating culture and history, warm friendly people and a pleasant climate with refreshing breezes from the Aegean.  The flying time is just three and a half hours from London with frequent services from British Airways and Turkish Airlines.

With a high level of expertise in Turkey’s private dental clinics and hospitals, dentists and surgeons are trained to the same high standards as the rest of Europe and many are fluent in English.  The clinics and surgeries are modern and clean with state of the art equipment.

What’s more, Turkey’s private dental facilities and clinics offer an affordable solution in a vacation-like environment.  This, in itself induces a more positive result as guests immediately feel more relaxed about the treatment they are undertaking.

The main clinics and hospitals for dental tourism are located in the country’s capital, Istanbul, the city where east meets west and Izmir the third largest city in Turkey on the Aegean coast, conveniently located for accommodation, shopping and sightseeing.  Guests staying in Izmir, for example, can enjoy a few days relaxing on Çesme or Kusadasi beaches before/after treatment or take in some of the remains of ancient civilisations with a trip to Ephesus or the classical City of Pergamum.  In Istanbul they can soak up the atmosphere in the old city are where churches, mosques, palaces, museums and bazaars abound. 

Dentists tend to work in specialist areas, so for example, if root canal treatment is needed an Endodontic Specialist will do the work or an Implant Specialist for dental implants.  Clinic quality is high; many dental practices are awarded the ISO 9001/2000 Quality Certificate and use the latest technology dental equipment which is CE certificated. 

Significant savings can be made on cosmetic dentistry,dental implants and other dental treatment; prices are lower because employees’ wages are much lower than in the UK and the cost of implants is cheaper in Turkey, around half the price of the UK. 

Compare the following private dental treatment prices.  A laminate veneer crown (ceramic) would cost around £550 in the UK, where as in Turkey the same costs  around £150.  Tooth whitening (upper and lower jaws) costs £950 in the UK, and only £250 in Turkey and root canal treatment (one canal) typically costs £100 in the UK, and just £25 in Turkey.


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