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How long will it take?

Some treatment durations vary case by case, but in order to give you a rough idea about how long treatments take, please check the table below. Remember that some treatments can be done together on the same session to save your time so that you’ll have some extra time to enjoy your holiday in Istanbul.

Tooth extraction… within 1 day (~ 1 hour)
Porcelain Crowns and Bridges … 5-6 days
Removable Dentures… 7-8 days
Teeth whitening … within 1 day (*)
Porcelain Laminate Veneers… 5-6 days
Composite Laminate Veneers… 1 day
Composite fillings… within 1 day (~1 hour per tooth)
Root Canal treatment… 3-7 days (**)

(*) Normally one session is enough but this depends on your expectations. If you like your teeth whiter, another session will be required.
(**) Root canal treatment durations are really hard to predict. It totally depends on which tooth requires a root canal, if it has a periapical lesion or not, if its a retreatment or not…

How often should you visit the clinic?
Normally it is necessary to have one/two followup visits, two or three days after the initial visit for crowns or bridges. But if other treatments are required, such as fillings, you may need to schedule extra separate visits in between, so as to have everything completed within the same time frame.


4 Responses

  1. Hi. Having implants in Turkey cost around 800 euros (per implant) and the dentures are not included in this price. But personally I do not offer implant treatments. It’s a long procedure and requires regular follow-ups. For people coming from abroad, this is almost impossible to accomplish.

  2. Nefise Topcu says:

    Hello DR Fenercioglu,
    I will be in Turkey very sson and I want to get teeth implants. I need a few molar implants, I was wondering about the cost?

  3. robert onclin says:

    daer tarkan
    wij life in holland and we are 3to4 timmes in istanbul we have seen a other dis in istanfbul dr onur fenercioglu we have talkt about taking a hole new set off veneers for all how long will it take you to make this and how mutch will it cost my for 2 persons greatings robert

  4. […] About treatment durations: Although some treatment durations may vary by case, just to give you an idea about how long treatments take roughly, please check this page. Remember that some treatments can be done together on the same session to save your time so that you’ll have some extra time to enjoy your holiday in Istanbul. […]

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